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IoT Solutions for Singapore Enterprises

State of the art Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology designed to scale enterprises to the next level -- Higher productivity, efficiency, and security.

What is IoT?

Internet of Things (IoT) is modernizing the concept of networking in the 21st century by connecting billions of physical objects with the help of sensors. This helps the objects exchange data and information with other devices over the internet.

What is IIoT?

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the term referred to the robust networking systems including sensors, instruments, and other devices to cater to the needs of industrial sectors and applications. Industries take advantage of the fourth industrial revolution by improving their infrastructure with smart machines and real-time analysis.

The only difference between IoT and IIoT is the usage of both technologies. IoT is commonly linked with consumers and commercial prospects, while IIoT is associated with industries such as manufacturing, energy, maintenance, supply chain management, etc.

How Does IoT Benefits Enterprises?

Reduced Downtime

Avoid running downtime in machines and other running assets. The IoT sensor data makes it easier to track real-time visibility and assists in maintenance functions.

Safer Workplaces

Your employees’ safety and health should be secured. With cutting edge Internet of Things technology, workplace environments remain safe and with regulatory compliance.

Efficient Transportation

Transport goods and stuff by easily monitoring vehicles over the designated routes. Track products in transit and know the real-time status.

Improved Services

Scale customer experience by combining CX service with IoT. Take insights from asset data and make service recommendations customizable.

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How Does IoT Helps Different Sectors?

Smart Manufacturing  

IIoT includes streamlining the workflows to ensure quality control and maximum productivity stepping into the Industry 4.0 era.

Performance Improvement

Automate manufacturing processes to minimize errors and defected products with connected machinery through the IoT ecosystem.

Safe and Secure Environments 

Protect your employees from toxic environments and ensure their safety 24/7 by monitoring workplaces with sensors and cameras.

Reduced Wastage

Make manufacturing processes super-efficient to reduce extra wastage of materials and energy by accurate and precise production cycles.

Smart Healthcare  

Give your patients the best healthcare experience and manage all the medical tasks through an effective IoT network.

24/7 Patient Monitoring

With smart devices such as tablets, phones, and smartwatches, take healthcare data of the patients remotely at any time and send it to the medical practitioners for instant treatment.

Automate Healthcare Tasks

Make your patients’ treatment faster by automating healthcare management tasks instead of doing them manually.

Reduced Human Error

Avoid mistakes in the data and mitigate human errors with the help of automation and electronic data entry.

Smart Energy Management

Energy management companies enjoy the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) by implementing it in every industrial process.

Efficient Energy Distribution

Energy grid systems are complex to control. Internet of Things (IoT) network makes it easier for energy companies to ensure minimum downtime and even energy delivery.

Smart Billing

Internet of Things (IoT) reduces the chances the inaccuracies in metering systems, which will benefit both consumers and energy companies.

Timely Maintenance

Energy assets remain in the safe hands of the IoT as the company employees will be prompted by a comprehensive network of sensors monitoring the condition of boilers, turbines, and transmission systems.

Smart Merchandise

Take the retail to the sky level by using IoT development services in streamlining processes and delighting customers.

Real-Time Visible Shelves

The IoT network will generate timely alerts for low stock and shows a real-time stock limit to let you prepared for the next order.

Supply Chain

See the new profitable ways in supply chain retail by implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) and get a competitive advantage in the market.

Automated Warehouses

Get notified instantly by the integrated sensors for low-stock and focus on stock movement optimization as the whole warehouse gets automated.

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